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Land & Lot Clearing

Land & Lot Clearing in Utah

Utah Aspen Tree Experts Tree Service​ supplies a vast range of forestry and tree removal services. Our promise and our commitment is to never sell our clients with services they don’t need, but instead advise options which concentrate on property security, forest health, and aesthetic excellence.​ W​e don’t believe in an one size fits all fire mitigation strategy. Traditional protocol will normally includes 30 of clearance from the house perimeter, 8+ of spacing between tree crowns, elimination of dead or low lying branches 10+ off the ground, and elimination of all threatening ladder fuels. Land Clearing | Salt Lake City Tree Trimming.


While we definitely agree with and frequently advise the execution of the aforementioned criteria, we’re aware that in a lot of cases this is just impractical. It’s for this reason that all of our assessments are conducted on an individual basis, taking into account not only the character of your particular property, but additionally your personal tastes, needs, and desires. Affordable Land Clearing Experts. Unparalleled Service. Call Us First. 20+ Years Of Experience.

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General Land & Lot Clearing in Utah
(Commercial & Residential).

Emergency Tree Removal in Park City & Salt Lake City UT

Wildfire Migration


But Utah Aspen Tree Experts Tree Service stands alone with employ to completion and refinement of the final work product. Any contractor can perform destruction, but ​Utah Aspen stands alone with respect to the general completion and refinement of the final work product.


Forestry Mulching:


Forestry Mulching processes ensure that the final product is visually exceptional, while also promoting forest floor health timber into considerably smaller, mulch such as bits. These machines are capable of clearing numerous acres of trees in one day, and our specialised processes ensure that the final product is aesthetically exceptional, while promoting forest floor health. If you’re in need of a much more industrial, cost effective solution to process large regions of trees or woody materials, please call today for our mastication pricing options.




We utilize whole tree chippers, capable of processing trees 20″ in diameter. The net result is golden, playground quality mulch that can either be spread or piled at the property owner’s discretion. Our chippers also possess 10,000 lb hydraulic winches. These are immensely helpful when trying to remove trees and slash located on steep grades that are inaccessible with other pieces of equipment.


Hazardous & Technical Removals:


Removal of large trees near homes, power lines, fences, or other structures can be a difficult and dangerous task. Improper removal of such trees can result in disastrous consequences to both people and property, which is why we implore you to never contract with a company that cannot provide evidence of both Liability Insurance and Workers’ Comp. These types of projects are always owner supervised, ensuring that no matter what the situation, you will feel comfortable with our safe, effective, and proven techniques.

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