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Frequently Asked Questions

All Estimates are FREE from all of our arborist’s in Utah. The only time we charge is when a Certified Arborist comes out to do an formal tree evaluation. An evaluation is a formal write up or assessment of a tree or number of trees on a property that does not result in any further tree services to be performed. An estimate is a proposal that is given to our customer.

Yes, we are fully insured and licensed to perform work in the Salt Lake City surrounding areas and all of Utah. We can provide a copy of our insurance upon request. Also, for commercial work, we can add your company as additional insured. Feel free to request a Certificate of Insurance from our office anytime. We are insured more than the average for liability and workman’s compensation insurance.

No, we do not use spikes to climb live trees for pruning. This is a big no no in the tree care industry. This occurred a lot back in the 80’s, and unfortunately still occurs today. This is a great question to ask and we ask that our customers always ensure whoever they hire to make sure that spikes are not used when pruning – only removals.

Yes, most of the time all wood and debris will be hauled and chipped. The estimator will write otherwise if the wood stays, or sometimes customers like keeping the limb wood and us hauling the larger trunk wood. Most of the time, all wood and debris is hauled away.

Anytime is really a good time to prune trees. Most trees are best to prune just before bud break, however, it is generally OK to prune trees anytime of the year. We don’t usually recommend pruning evergreen trees unless they are smaller such as Holly or hedge shrubs to be shaped with hand shears. Larger evergreens generally should not be cut. Deciduous trees can be pruned anytime. Make sure the tree company only prunes by the ANSI A300 tree pruning standards.

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